• Benefits and Applications


    Benefits of Raisins

    Multi-Functional Benefits:

    1. Well-rounded application no matter on cold or hot dishes and snacks
    2. Raisins are a natural source of sweetness that can replace refined sugar
    3. Rich in propionic acid, effective to inhibit the mold in order to extend product shelf-life

    Health Values:

    • Containing glucose, which benefits our "brainpower" and "physical strength", help to stay energizing and improving athletic performance.

    • Glucose containing acid complex, can prevent tooth decay and dental plaque, to ensure dental health.

    • A good source of iron - ideally suited for women and anemia.

    • Containing fiber that could help probiotic hyperplasia, maintain intestinal health, reduce the blood bad cholesterol levels and maintain heart health.

    • Raisins are highly antioxidant (polyphenol) foods that helps slowing down aging and preventing cancer and heart disease.

    Raisins as Food Ingredients with Wide Applications including:

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