• About Assure

    Assure Co. Ltd. (“Assure”) is a subsidiary company of Assure (Group) Corporation Limited.

    Established in 1985. Assure headquarters in Hong Kong, we are the sole agent or distributor of some international food and beverages brands, we specially engaged in product marketing and promotion, wholesale, retail and distribution and logistics. Over the years, we have established a wide distribution network in China, Hong Kong and Macau, occupied a solid position in the markets.

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    Our Competitive Advantages

    • Rich Industry Experience
    • Good and Faithful Reputation
    • Excellent Sales and Management Team
    • Long-term and Reliable Partnership with Supplier

    • Established branch office in China to focus on mainland China operation (Guangzhou Union Trading Company Limited)
    • Efficient Logistics Supporting Team
    • Continuous Trust and Support from Partners and Suppliers

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    Market Promotion and Retailing

    As one of the leading scalable distribution agencies in Hong Kong, Assure’s sales network has been now extending to the Greater China Region. Presently, Assure exclusively represents a number of well-known international brands, including Sunsweet, world No. 1 in prunes and other dried fruit products, Sun-Maid, for its quality raisins and other dried fruit products. In 2012, Sunsweet launched prunes, and various types of dried berries, including cranberries, blueberries and cherries, which people love so much.


    Additionally, in 2014, Assure successfully built up a new brand “SnackMate” positioned in providing superior quality of health snacks such as blueberries and cranberries, in a reasonable price, whilst keen response is well received.


    Assure possesses comprehensive sales network, covering shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, groceries, hospitals, airlines, professional organisations, etc.


    In future, Assure will continuously explore and introduce more products with high market potential, and actively open new markets in China and overseas countries.

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    Catering and Food Services

    Besides, Assure also engages in product distribution and wholesale in catering segment. Clientele include hotels, hospitals, entertainment properties, fast food chains, restaurants and different catering shops, etc.


    Additionally, to fulfill the increasing demand of healthy ingredients in bakery and food processing applications, Assure has been engaged in business to food services category, and is now the sole agent of all Sunsweet processed-prunes ingredient products such as diced prunes, prune powder, prune concentrate, and so on. To satisfy massive demand of the market, we also provide other dried fruits and nuts ingredient such as cranberries, blueberries, raisins, walnuts, etc.

  • About Union

    Guangzhou Union Trading is the branch office of Assure in China

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    Responsible for the market promotion and retailing of Assure's imported brands products in mainland market

    Union is the agent of some popular products from international brands such as Pauls milk, Sunsweet Prunes, SnackMate dried fruits, etc.


    Union has established a large and comprehensive customer network including in retail, wholesale and distributors criteria; covering end-users of large supermarkets, supermarket chains, convenience stores, airlines, bakeries and restaurants, E-commerce, etc.


    With close and stable relationship with clients and partners and clear understanding of the operation and business model in the local market, Union has become one of the leading distributors of imported foods and beverages in China.