• Benefits and Applications


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    Multi-Functional Benefits of Prunes in Food Applications:

    Reduce Fat and Calories Without Loss of Flavor

    Mimicking many of the textural characteristics of fats and oils with a unique blend of soluble/insoluble fibers and sorbitol.

    Functioning as a“flavor potentiator” through very high malic acid content (2%)


    Reduce Sugar

    Offering a virtually sucrose-free, naturally sweet flavor.

    Supplying a high level of sorbitol (a sugar alcohol, 15%) to minimize sugar and allow for “cleaner” labels.


    Increase the Antioxidant Level of Final Product

    Delivering among the highest levels of antioxidants when compared with other fruits


    Extend Shelf Life

    Keeping bakery products soft and moist by way of sorbitol (an effective humectant).

    Inhibiting microbial spoilage.

    Providing a natural preservative for whole grain bread with prune juice concentrate.


    Communicate Digestive Health Benefits

    Supporting digestive health through naturally high levels of sorbitol (15%) and fiber (7.5%)


    Improve Moisture Retention


    Add Colorings

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    Wide Prunes Applications as Food Ingredients including:

    Prunes naturally contain high levels of fiber, sorbitol and malic acid. These components allow prunes to function as a fat substitute, inhibit mold development, add humectancy and extend shelf life.


    Prunes naturally contain high levels of fiber, sorbitol and malic acid. Prunes have also been shown to have one of the highest antioxidant levels of the leading common fruits and vegetables. These components allow prunes to retain moisture, suppress the growth of various pathogens, enhance savory flavours and control the development of lipid oxidation or warmed-over flavour in processed meat.


    Prunes do not impart a flavor but rather enhance and round out other food flavors in a recipe or formulation. This makes prunes he perfect ingredient for complete flavor systems whether it’s sweet or savory sauces, marinades or rubs.


    Energy Bars
    Prunes contain the perfect balance of nutrition and sensory enhancing components. Prunes are rich in nutrients and antioxidants, and the fiber and sorbitol reduces fat, calories and added sugar while improving the texture, flavour and overall eating qualities of convenient energy bar products.


    Fat, carbohydrates and calories can be controlled or reduced when using prunes as fillings and icings. With a low glycemic index and low glycemic load, prunes provide confectioners with a natural alternative to improve overall nutrition.


    Prunes are ideally suited by both taste and form for usage in a wide range of dairy applications. The mellow, fruity, caramelized flavour with notes of vanilla melds well with yogurt, cheese and specialty items such as gelato and ice cream. Prunes are already in wide use by dairies to enhance the flavour of yogurt products as well as provide digestive health benefits.