• Benefits and Applications


    Benefits of Cranberries:

    Multi-Functional Benefits:

    1. Rich color and add color to final products
    2. With excellent manufacturing and processing stability than many fruits
    3. Maintain identity, taste, color and texture throughout processing

    Health Values:

    1. Rich content of polyphenols, proanthocyanidins (PACs), fiber, vitamin C and quercetin
    2. Cranberries have the potential to benefit the whole body:

    ~ Prevent urinary tract infections

    ~ Protect faculty of memory

    ~ Improve immune system

    ~ Prevent digestion problem

    ~ Prevent heart disease

      Cranberries as Food Ingredients with Wide Applications including:

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      Delivering consumer appeal and a healthy profile, cranberries avoid the typical processing issues associated with many fruits, for effortless baking

      Dried Cranberries add a sweet tart flavor and bright points of red to muffins, breads and cookies and are suitable for process intensive applications such as batter and dough

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      Cranberry ingredients add premium positioning to dairy products

      • Ideally suited to fruit prep side packs
      • Give cheese a sophisticated twist – the sweet, tart cranberry flavor a perfect complement to savory cheese notes.
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      Dried cranberry ingredients overcome the challenges of working with dry cereal applications

      Diced and double-diced options offer a high piece count for cereal and granola bars, adding evenly spaced, smaller points of color

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      From granola bars to trail mixes, our cranberry ingredient is perfect for tapping into the trend for healthy fruit snacks.

      • Low moisture variants ensure end-product quality that is great for eating on-the-go snack packs
      • The large piece size of whole dried cranberries adds premium value to trail mixes and snack packs
      • Smaller diced and double-diced options provide evenly-spaced points of color for snack bars
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      The sweet tart flavor of cranberry is an ideal match for confectionery applications:

      • Dried cranberries add delicious fruity taste and texture to chocolates and chocolate bars
      •  Can be enrobed in chocolate or yogurt for an indulgent treat